Daily progress to finish

I hope someone hears my heart speak today . I’m writing my first book and this is huge for me.

I know it is possible because many of you have already achieved this goal .Do you remember when you were so unsure about the outcome ,how readers would like it or not ,what was the title,what type of design ,should you have pictures or not….. Just on and on how many pages so forth and so on. Seem like a multitude of small decidsions ,yet very important .I have’nt read too many short mini story / poetic books. However this is the journey I’ve embarked to travel . Yes a poem written in a story , since I am a poet why not write some of my life’s experiences, or just the same someone’s else encounters in this transitory world. Maybe there are other writers that understand my sentiments hello out there ! Do you hear me ? Are the poets still on the scene ? I sure hope so the world needs you we just lost one .Master Maya Angelou  where is her spirit residing ? I know it is still living but in whom. Awake awake wherever you may be , that I may read your thoughts your words in harmony and poetry.

Ronnie Tee


Writing is a Holy Act

Writing is a Holy Act.thank you for your passion and intensity of writing, I’m inspired to continue

to produce such like material . I never thought about releasing something that is given to me that I already had.what. I mean is to kinda like freeing a bird that you raised from a chick and then let it go . To see if it returns. That’s what I got out of burning your writings. That was powerful .thank you so much   Keep writing ,you are helping people …..

Hi fellow readers

my name Ronnie Tee

This is my first post well not really but the first thing I should have done .

I ‘m starting my first book and I was recomended by a mentor to start a blog  da …

anyway  for Me this is my first media exposure da… However I’m enjoying it for now.

I hope my post will be inspiring and heart soothing to those that seek for such comfort.

I love writing and reading compassionate short stories /poems . I hope that my writing ; comments

inspire and propel you into doing better and feeling better. Not just about your self  but our families,

neighbors,our co-workers and our country as a single unit.  Someone said love makes the world go-around

I’m not sure of that but I do believe it is the oil that keeps it spinning on its axels . Thank you for your comments

and words of encouragement .

sincerely yours

Ronnie. Tee